Amarillo Scuba has a fully equipped maintenance and servicing facility, ensuring that all your maintenance and repair requirements can be met, ensuring your gear will never let you down.
Your annual equipment services are attended to with the care and dedication that goes into all of our work.
We also have the only instrument pressure tester chamber in Amarillo.  This helps to assure that your instruments are calibrated and are watertight. The last thing that you want is a leak on a trip.

 Tank Inspection

Tank Inspection

We also perform your cylinder EOI/VIP (Evidence Of ) and (Visual Inspection) . As an inspector you are getting the best inspection for tank safety.

Tank Hydro’s are available at $28.50 per tank.  

Visuals EOI/VIP $12.50 pr tank.


Equipment Repair


BCD REPAIR                 $25.00


Air Fills  $10.50 

Nitrox Fills 32%  $17.00

Nitrox Fills 36%  $20.00