Mares Hybrid BCD

Mares Hybrid MENS BC.jpg
Mares Hybrid MENS BC.jpg

Mares Hybrid BCD

599.00 680.00


Beyond innovation

• Foldable backpack
• Ultra low profile exhaust valves
• Unprecedented fit and trim

Hybrid represents the apex of Mares BCD product development. Thanks to features such as complete uncoupling of harness and aircell, seamless shoulder straps and special padding around the wings of the back pack, we have reached unparalleled maximization of comfort, fit, stability and lift. Soft yet durable materials and overall light weight. Trim weight pouches integrated in the back pack and the MRS plus weight integration system. Adding exclusive styling and special cut it’s perfect for female anatomy as well.

All current in line Mares B.C.D.s are compatible up to 40% Oxygen (EAN 40) right out of the box.



Size         Height           Weight

XS         5'-5'5"            100-125

XS/S     5'0"-5'5"         90-155

M/L      5'5"-6'0"         150-195

XL         6'4"+               200+

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