Mares Carbon 52 Fiber Extreme Performance

Mares Carbon 52 Fiber Extreme Performance

Tusa Tina Ladies BCD

Tusa Tina Ladies BCD

$408.98 Liberator

$408.98 Liberator

SAGE Console Computer    Powerful and Colorful

SAGE Console Computer

Powerful and Colorful

$999.50 Amphos Sherwood with Transmitter

$999.50 Amphos Sherwood with Transmitter

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Amarillo Scuba Center is the oldest scuba diving store in Amarillo, having been in business for over 40 years. If you’re an active scuba diver or want to be, ASC is the place for you.

Amarillo Scuba Center was established in 1976 with a goal to bring the best in diving education, safety, and travel to the Amarillo area. We offer quality equipment with reasonable prices so you can make the most of your dive opportunities.


For most of us, the vast array of life and landscapes found under the sea is a world seldom, if ever, seen. Most people view diving as it is often portrayed in Hollywood - fighting off sharks, enemies, and sea monsters. The gear is heavy and bulky on land, but in the water you glide with weightless ease. Moving in any direction can be accomplished with ease, languid strokes of your fins, and you are often assisted by currents. It's the closest thing to flying. Being able to swim freely underwater gives a wonderful sense of freedom, a sense of peace. There is nothing more fulfilling than swimming effortlessly through a colorful coral reef and languidly hovering in crystal-clear water.

How can we serve you? Those are more than words at Amarillo Scuba Center,  it’s what we pride ourselves with andlive by.

We offer a full array of services to help you become a SCUBA diver with PADI’s Open Water training.  To help you stay a good, safe diver. We offer continuing training, such as the PADI Advanced Open Water, Rescue and Nitrox Classes. 


Classes offered:

Open Water Certification

Advanced Open Water

Rescue Diver


Nitrox Certifications


Refreshers - (for those that have been out of the water for awhile.) 

Discover Scuba Diving -  for those on the fence deciding.  

 Online Courses


Regulator inspection and repairs.

Tank inspections and service.

Air Fills

Paint Ball (FRP tanks) air fills

Nitrox Fills

Travel - Group and individual.

Sales floor - equipment sales.

Part of being a good diver is keeping your equipment in tiptop shape.  We offer complete maintenance service on equipment from most manufacturers. We can also offer EOI / VIP  inspection service of tanks. 

Once you become a SCUBA diver, the fun really begins.  Travel to beautiful destinations in the Caribbean or to the Pacific Islands.