NITROX Enriched Air


Q: What is Nitrox? 

A: Nitrox (oxygen enriched air) is any mixture of oxygen and nitrogen. The most common nitrox mixtures used in recreational diving are nitrox 32 (32% oxygen and 68% nitrogen) and nitrox 36 (36% oxygen and 64% nitrogen).

Q: Is nitrox a new concept?

A: No. It has been used by the military for over 40 years, NOAA for almost 20 years, and the recreational diving community for approximately 10 years.

Q: Can Standard scuba equipment be used with nitrox 32 and nitrox 36?

A: Yes. As long as the nitrox is premixed prior to entering the cylinder, no special cleaning needs to be performed on the cylinder or the valve. It is highly recommended to get your cylinders cleaned based on the fact that more nitrox filling stations use partial pressure blending which puts oxygen in your tank before air is added. Most standard regulators can be used with nitrox mixtures up to 40% oxygen.

Q: Does nitrox cost more than a regular air fill?

A: Yes. The average cost for an aluminum 80 cu/ft 3000 psi, filled with up to nitrox 32% will cost around $17.00 and 36% cost $20.00.   Larger tanks 100cu/ft will cost around $25.00.

Q: Is diving with nitrox safe?

A: Yes.... and no. When using nitrox with air tables or dive computers, the risk of DCS (decompression sickness) is reduced. However, nitrox mixtures have shallower depth limitations than air, due to the increased risk of oxygen toxicity.

Q: Can bottom time increase when using nitrox?

A: Yes. “No decompression” limits are based on nitrogen saturation. When using nitrox, as compared with air, there is less nitrogen saturation at the same depth.

Q: How much does nitrox training cost?              

A: The cost for proper training is around $150.00 for basic nitrox.

Q: What are the prerequisites to take a nitrox course?

A: You must be 15 years of age or older and should be comfortable with your equipment and diving conditions in your area.

Q: When can I sign up for a nitrox class?

A: The classes are held monthly all year long. All you need to do is sign up for a class that is convenient to you and you’ll get your textbook at the time of your deposit.

Our system is a Continuous Blending System  

Q: What is a continuous blending system?

A: Continuous blending is a gas delivery system, which is an accurate and efficient way to immediately blend Nitrox.  ASC can provide up to a 40% Nitrox level, which means that your Scuba equipment does not need to be oxygen serviced in order to use it with Nitrox gas also known as Enriched Air.  This makes the entire system much safer for both the technician and the customer. Here at ASC, we are very proud of our new fill station.  Stop by any time for a tour, or to ask about the advantages of Nitrox diving.

Classes are forming now so that you can take advantage of Enriched Air diving.

Class cost is $150.00 plus  learning materials

$51.50 PADI Processing fee for your International Certification Card     ie. C-Card