Crestline (BC-0601) TUSA

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TUSA Crestline BCD.jpg

Crestline (BC-0601) TUSA

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Make way for TUSA’s newest fundamental buoyancy compensator, Crestline BC-0601. Designed for recreational use and travel, this BC is versatile and lightweight. 

BC-0601 is made from the durable 500D Cordura® material, which is tough and abrasion resistant. Utilizing a wraparound jacket design, this BC is perfect for divers of all skill level. BC-0601 is equipped with TUSA’s durable tilt valve power inflator and O.P.E.V. dump valve which is located on the lower right-hand side. 

This BC is IR-3 compatible, which is convenient for many divers who frequently travel. A safety whistle accessibly adorns the adjustable sternum strap, providing security and reliability. Uniquely designed hide-able sizing tag is located on the shoulder strap making Crestline an ideal rental or training BC. TUSA Crestline will be the best dive buddy for any diver. 


Size         Height           Weight

XS           5'-5'5"            100-125

S             5'2"-5'7"         120-155

M           5'6"-5'10"       150-195

L            5'10"-6'4"       190-225

XL         6'4"+               225-260

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